[Review] We Were Promised Spotlights by Lindsay Sproul

We Were Promised Spotlights★★★★☆

young adult fiction | LGBTQ | romance

Summary:Taylor Garland’s good looks have earned her the admiration of everyone in her small town. She’s homecoming queen, the life of every party, and she’s on every boy’s most-wanted list.People think Taylor is living the dream, and assume she’ll stay in town and have kids with the homecoming king–maybe even be a dental hygienist if she’s super ambitious. But Taylor is actually desperate to leave home, and she hates the smell of dentists’ offices. Also? She’s completely in love with her best friend, Susan.
Senior year is almost over, and everything seems perfect. Now Taylor just has to figure out how to throw it all away.

I got my first ARC from Edelweiss for an honest review and I am excited to share my first review through my blog! For anyone interested it will be out for sale on March 24th and it’s available for preorder on Amazon.

First of all, I must warn everyone that this book contains fatphobia, lesbophobia, bullying, internalized homophobia and use of homophobic slurs.

I will start by saying that I genuinely loved this story. The beginning was a little slow for me (it is always like that) but it became unputdownable at some point and I just had to know how it ended. The perspective was refreshing and I really came to like Taylor as a character.

I actually enjoyed reading and getting to know the characters, they were accurate depictions of teenagers and they each were different from each other in many ways. I liked how Taylor portrays her internal homophobia and frustration of the expectations and image she holds as the most popular girl in town. How Susan acts like the Good One but is as selfish and self centered as the rest. How Heather uses her sexuality to feel like she is superior than others even thought she gets no satisfaction.
However, the spot for my favorite character goes to Corvis. She is just how I aspire to be, not academically as I am already doomed in that aspect, but her attitude towards life, relationships and what the future holds for us.

Along the story we get to see how nostalgic Taylor is, how she would give anything to be anyone but her, that she is only a girl that wants to know who her father is (who may or may not be a famous movie star) and even though she is a bitch sometimes, we empathize with her. The way she grows into her identity and explores her limits throughout her senior year is incredible and touching.

The story is well-paced, high school drama never ends and kept me interested enough to keep reading nonstop.

Also, the prom will forever be one of my favorite moments.

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