The Prediction Tag

I feel like it’s been a long time since I made a post. This post it’s brought to you by my dear phone and the WordPress app, since I lent my laptop to my cousin so she could work from home during quarentine/curfew.

The Prediction Book Tag was created by the Princesses at the Book Princess Reviews blog. I have to thank Book and Shadows for tagging me. Go check her blog for some witchy and bookish posts!

This tag is all about predicting which books will make an appearance in your reading life. And, like every tag, there are some rules:


  1. Pingback to the creator of the tag, @bookprincessreviews
  2. Tag the person Who tagged you, @bookandshadows
  3. Find an answer to match each prompt.
  4. Have fun ~

On to the prompts~

My Next Read

Does it count as next read if I already read the first couple of pages? This is a book that I’m reading for a book tour I joined, organized by Booktamins. This is a fantasy young adult story and from the little bit I read the style is very fairy-tale-like. I’m excited to read more and I will be posting my review in a couple of days.

My Next 5 Star Read

This is one I really hope is a five star for me. I read A Darker Shade of Magic a few years ago and it was a five star, even though I don’t usually give that rating to the first book of a series. And my love for Victoria Schwab is based on that single book, and this sequel has to deliver!

My Next 1 Star Read

I really don’t to think that a book will be a one star on my list but if I have to give it to one… It has to be this one. I’ve tried to read this book so many times, and I have not been able to pass the 20 page mark. It might be that the style and genre is not my usual scene but I’ve never been this stuck on a book, ever!

My Next Love Interest (or character that seems really cool to you)

The Next Book I’ll Be Buying

I need to make a small space for this series in between the arcs I still have to read and review for the months of april through june, but if there is one thing I am 100% sure is that I will LOVE CHI. She is cute, innocent, adorable, and precious as hell. I’ve loved her design since I watched the anime years ago and from her appearances in other CLAMP works. I already love her.

I’ve been telling myself to buy this book for a while now, but everytime I go to my cart my heart just drifts to other books on my wish list. But it’s damn time I get it because I’ve heard great things and I love myself a cute gay romance.

Aaaand those are my answers to the prompts from the prediction tag. I had fun doing this and I hope enjoyed reading this as well. Now I have to tag a few fellow blogger to share their answers!

Storme Reads

Lit Lemon Books

Nikki Swift Reads

Silver Button Books

Of course, you are not obligated to do it but it’ll be fun to see your answers and see more about your future reads 🙂

And with that I go back to working from my bed, with my cat Luna napping at my feet and mom tries to not go full crazy out of boredom. Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

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