[Review & Book Tour] The Forest Of Fallen Stars by Elfie Riverdell


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Summary: The Forest of Fallen Stars is a story of friendship and magic. We follow Alura, a shy but stubborn sixteen year old, as she tries to navigate a dramatically changing world. Following her village’s tradition, Alura is forced to participate in a ritual that doesn’t turn our quite as she had planned. Finding herself on the run, Alura is rescued by two mysterious girls, who request her help in protecting their village from Eslanda; a young woman seeking revenge for her abandonment. Alura, along with her new friends Kara and Loria, must fight against magic, enemies and nature itself to restore peace to their homes. But are they aware of the sacrifices they must make?

Trigger Warning: Mild violence

I would like to say thank you to Booktamins for letting me join this book tour and for the book. It was a fun experience that I hope to repeat in the future 🙂

This book is a great example for how a book doesn’t need a complicated story to be entertaining and engaging. As a reader, sometimes it feels like I can’t enjoy a story if it does not reach a certain level of development, like it need to have mind blowing plot twists and have me at the edge of my sit. At least that is how I feel about fantasy books.

However, this book is not like that. It goes from one point the other and it is entertaining. I learned about the characters, I liked them and was interested in them, I wanted to see more from them. It was engaging with so little, and I loved that.

The style was captivating, reminding me a lot of fairy tales in the manner the ceremony was relayed and it was a rather ominous sense throughout the book. The setting is amazing, book is set in the woods of a mountain and the characters walk a lot and cover a lot of said mountain, therefore we see them going from warm and dry leaves to the cold and snowy woods.

I wished there had been more about the characters, Kara and Loria were great characters that I really wanted to learn more about. There is a character that betrays the group of travelers, but is never specified why he did and so I keep asking myself why exactly.

Overall, I want to say that the goal of this book is to entertain, more than to impress the reader. And it does a great job at doing so, I really liked it.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon!

About the Author

Elfie Riverdell is a middle grade and young adult fantasy author from the UK. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing, and lives with her family, two dogs and four chickens. Elfie’s debut middle grade novel The Forest of Fallen Stars was published on June 1st 2019.

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