March Wrap Up!

Hullo, everyone!

Hope you are all keeping safe these days and that your time at home is spent as pleasant as possible. We know these last few weeks have been hard and that despite saying that we have more time to read now, many are having a hard time concentrating. We have to remain positive about the situation, and not let ourselves fall into the pit of panic that many people are causing.

I’ve told my mom to not watch as many news as she usually does, and leave all social groups where they are only talking about the virus and incentivating panic. I, myself, try to think of the things that I will enjoy once I am free to roam the streets and that works for me. If reading is not working for you then try something new, learn a craft, revisit an old hobby, and try to keep your mind away from the news and numbers that are plaguing the social media and tv.

I am actually surprised about how many things I was able to tackle this month. I was on a slump for the first two weeks, only reading a couple of pages at work and then watching YouTube videos as soon as I got home. ASMR cooking videos, man, they are a threat to my wallet and time. But some of these are short, and manga is very quick to read. So, anyway, let’s get on with the list.

Disclaimer:This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click the links below to make a purchase I might earn a small commission, at not extra cost to you!

The Night Country by Melissa Albert

Legend by Marie Lu

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

The Forest of Fallen Stars by Elfie Riverdell

You can find my review here.

Chobits by CLAMP

I count Chobits as one, because it’s 8 volumes with a total of 38 or 40 chapters, I believe? So that makes 5 book read this month!

How was your reading this month? Are you going to catch up in April or are you joining any Readathon? Tell me about it!

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