[Review and Book Tour] The Loss of Some Detail by Mandi Martin


historical fiction

published by Clink Street Publishing

Summary: Forget all you know, for all you know might well be false.
That is how is often seems to asylum worker James Grey as he tends to the patients abandoned to Oculus Mentis, an austere asylum lost to the world. His day to day quite literally forgettable.
Until now.
Slowly the world around him starts to change. Plagued by lucid dreams, a haunting drawing and visions of a pleading female he feels his mind is dissolving.
Aided by the enigmatic Silas and silent Marianne he seeks to solve the mysteries that are tormenting him.

Madness to one is normality to another…and no person should judge…so heed the following tale, should it ever be surfaced, with an open mind, for if it be closed then it surely has no function…

The Loss Of Some Detail played with my mind and had me on edge since the very beginning. Everything on the book plays a part in the story that it portrays.

I think what I liked the most about the book was the unreliability of the main character, as well as the alternative perspectives we get from others throughout the book. We mostly follow James Grey every day as a warden on a mental assylum; we see him do his rounds, deal with his workmates and superiors, and we see him become friends (not for the first time) with two patients. The rest characters are interesting, specially when you get to the end and you see who they really are. I think Dr. Mordbrige is the one that stood out more besides Grey, he is what I imagine the horrible doctors were like when thinking about the early treatment of mental patients.

At first I thought the beginning felt slow, but the more I read the more it stood out that there are easter eggs thrown throughout Grey’s day and conversations with others. From forgeting duties to dealing with a psycho doctor, the day (or is it weeks) is a whirlwind of events for Grey, and he is not the only one trying to catch up on everything that is going on.

With under 200 pages, this book had me burying my nose on my phone because I just had to know what was going on. The more I read the more I needed to know the why, the how, the when, the who.

The style was not much to my liking, it had lots of metaphors and I had to reread some sentences. However, I think that it helped the overall environment of the story, since it’s a story that plays with the readers thoughts and perspective.

A book that was so out of my comfort zone, it gave me an unsettling feeling but I will admit that I enjoy it. I’m not going to say anything about the end because I just… I still think about it, ha.

About the Author

I’m in my thirties and I live in Ryde on the beautiful Isle of Wight although I was born in Birmingham.
There’s not really a lot to say about me really. I have Aspergers and writing became my outlet, social situations terrified me so I spent a lot of time writing poetry, drawing and losing myself in worlds of my own.
I absolutely adore animals; I prefer them to people, so my two cats clearly get away with almost anything.
I live with my brother and my mother and spending time with them is another highlight of my day. Although, I could do without the trial of socks and others pieces the former leaves in his wake.
Weather and health permitting I enjoy walking and also looking around graveyards, it possibly sounds morbid but the history and the artistry fascinate me.
I also collect lapel pin badges, I think I have over ten thousand now but I couldn’t say, I gave up counting ages ago, it was taking too long!

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