[Review and Book Tour] Power Divided by S. Behr


fantasy | science fiction | young adult

The citizens of Amera are blessed with a range of extraordinary powers – from telepathy and healing to growing plants and breathing under water. As descendants of genetically modified humans desperate to survive an ice age, Amerans have buil a peaceful, prosperous kingdom uniting nine realms, each with their own king and queen.
Violet is a princess of Neyr, the third of the nine realms of Amera, living in the transformed ruins of ancient New York City, high up in the reborn Chrysler building.
Born into Neyr’s talented ruling family, she struggles to show evidence of any special power herself. Raised by one of the most powerful healers in Ameran history, Violet wants more than anything to pass her Criterion, a test all citizens must take to prove they are worthy and to find their place in society. But when her powers explode to catastrophic effect in front of her entire court, she runs from the unthinkable damage and misery she has caused.
In her desperate escape, Violet stumbles upon an incredible archive of ancient knowledge and awakens Hailey, an artificial intelligence relic who reveals hidden truths that could be the key to her return home. But when the sanctuary of the Amera is threatened by humans, old enemies of Amera who live in violent colonies beyond Amera’s borders, Violet must master her burgeoning powers and find a way to protect her idyllic kingdom from the outside world.

Power Divided is a great blend of science fiction and fantasy, with sci-fi being more predominant as the power have been genetically engineered and it includes futuristic aspects such as A.Is.

The beginning of the book was a little confusing for me because it jumped to action so fast I was not really expecting it. We are immediately shown the results of Violet’s Criterion and her decision to escape, which I don’t know if I liked too much. However, the rest of the story is well redacted and the writing was amazing. The pacing at the beginning of the book felt a little slow, but it really picks up once Violet decides to go back to Hattan city. Now this is where the real adventure started.

In regards to the characters, I’m going to say Violet was not my favorite at the beginning. Nevertheless, I understand that the situation she was in after losing control over her -previously almost inexistent- powers was not one to be taken easily. As I got to know her more, seeing her relationship with her parents and how she had to deal with the expectations she had set up for herself; she started growing on me when she finds out the reason why she can’t master her abilities like everyone else. I sometimes forget that I should not expect a character to be their best self at the beginning of the book and character development is a thing. I loved Hailey though! I distrusted her at the beginning because of how much information she was getting out of Violet. But she certainly won my heart with her snarky self.

The side characters were all amazing, however there were so many side characters that it might be a little confusing sometimes, but the author included a short list of the character that are part of the Council of the Kings and Queens of Amera, which is a great help to stay tuned! They were all great characters, and boy do I want to see more of them in the upcoming books.

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About the Author

I love a good story, in all artforms. I have been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years and I had to learn to tell a story with a click of a button and capture the layers of emotion in a single image. Little did I know it was boot camp for writing. Being an author was a childhood dream and as I got older it seemed to be a dream that grew further out of reach with each passing year. But with encouragement from
a lot of friends, new and old, my husband being my biggest cheerleader, The Evolutionaries series has begun with Power Divided.

To keep me company during my writing bubbles are my husband and our fur babies. They love whatever I write, even if they can’t read it but they don’t always love the music I write to. We all have to make sacrifices! And I am still pinching myself ever since I found out, that, recently I became a Featured Author. Power Divided will be in the Feb 15th Issue of Kirkus Magazine.

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