5 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

A few days ago I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to write a “things you didn’t know about me” type of post, and some said it could be fun! And I agree, so today I bring a couple of facts about me that you couldn’t know by just following me on Twitter!

I won’t tag or ask people to do this. However, if you decide to share facts about yourself on your blog or want to comment on some fun or not so fun facts about yourself, I’ll be happy to read them. I would love to know more about you!

I work as an interpreter over the phone.

I’m starting with one that some of you might know about because I’ve mentioned it on Twitter before. So I’ve worked on call centers ever since I turn 18 and was able to get a job. Two of them were cellphone companies based on the United States, and I worked for a company that provided interpretation and translation services for other companies and even social programs. And after leaving the company I went back to work this year after being fired from my previous job. So now I am back to being an interpreter! I recently moved up to become a medical interpreter, so I provide services for hospitals, public health departments, doctor’s offices, therapists, and the like. The company was very nice with the whole pandemic thing and we have been working from home since the stay at home order started!

I have two cats!

Sol is the oldest and the babiest is Luna. Sol was a gift from a friend that has several cats and couldn’t keep them. Mom said she didn’t want cats but I still brought him home and she fell in love with him the next day when he took a nap on her shoulder. He is the passive one of the two, but when he wants attention he climbs my bookshelf and threatens to throw my things.
Luna just… decided she would live here. Ok, so I fed her behind my mother’s back because SHE WAS SO CUTE! And one day she went to sleep with my mom as if it was a thing she did every day, and now she lives here! She is the active one, she wakes me up through the night because she wants me to watch her eat.

Office jobs are… not my thing.

I’ve had two office jobs. And I HATED THEM. I always knew office jobs were not for me but my mother always insisted on me in getting a “real job” because call centers are not places to have a career. And I ended up having the worst job experiences of my life. Both times I had horrible bosses that would call everyone names and would get horribly upset over a mistake. I was obviously not the perfect employee, but I knew I was not the problem because all the other departments in the companies HATED my bosses and the idea of working with them. One caused me anxiety and the second had me losing my hair due to stress. Honestly, I could write the longest blog post about these two women that gave me the worst work experiences of my life.

I’m an impulse buyer.

And I’m not saying this because of my lack of shelfcontrol. It’s something that happens with every fandom I get absorbed into. It happened with several animes (CardCaptor Sakura, Pokemon, Yuri! On Ice, Love Live) and then Voltron and then cute plushies. I had to ban myself from Twitter for a couple of months last year because every time I saw preorders for charms, key chains, prints, acrylic standees, zines, or illustration books I would rush to preorder it and wait excitedly for the day the packages arrived. I have to thank the Cthulhu because the book community does not have this kind of thing and I haven’t been buying merch, although those book subscription boxes with bookish goodies are a true temptation.

My dream is to open a bookstore in my city.

Is this predictable as a book lover? Maybe. But it’s something that I’ve been thinking since I was in high school and went to a bookstore in the United States for the first time. There’s probably two well-known bookstores in my city and none have what I felt at a fucking Barnes and Noble. It just made me want to go through every single book, touch the spines, inhale the smell of the pages. The local stores have a good collection of books and all but that is all they do… sell books. Ever since I had the idea of opening a bookstore I’ve always thought I’ll hold events for local writers, encourage people to read more books and create a space where people enjoy browsing the books.

I was only able to think of five “interesting” facts about myself. So here they are!

Like I said, this is just so y’all can know more about the person behind the blog because as much as we are here for the books, we’re also here to make a connection to the person on the other side of the monitor. I’ll love to know more about you as well! Tell me a fun or not-so-fun fact about yourself in the comments or make your own post talking about yourself. I’d love to read that.

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