The Netgalley Misadventures [Part I]

Hello everyone!

So I know that it has been quite a few months since the last time I posted something, and I have been irregular as hell this year. Posting for a couple of weeks, then disappearing from the face of earth for a few months. A lot probably don’t even remember me or know who I am at this point.

But I am feeling much better! And have read quite a bit lately, actually, which makes me feel even more motivated. And I’m using that motivation to help me bring down the list of ARCs that I am pending to review. This is embarrassing because all but one book on my list has already been published, or has been published for A. WHILE. But it’s never too late to review a book, even if the hype has died down other people can always find these books through reviews.

So I don’t only have ARCs through Netgalley, I’ve also gotten some Read Nows from Edelweiss and even one that was APPROVED. And a couple I got directly from the authors, it is a long list for me but I’ve seen others on Twitter that will make it look really short. But for the moment, I will center on Netgalley since it is easier for me to handle those first.

I will also be posting my reviews on the blog and on Goodreads, right now I already have some in queue just so I don’t have to force myself to speed read and write a review just to stay “on schedule”. So you will be seeing some of those soon.

And because I am weak, I know that I will continue to request books through Netgalley as soon as I take some time to browse the titles. So I will be posting updates on that! My main goal right now is to at least go through half of my pending arcs, specially the really old ones.

I am currently reading The Guinever Deception, and I am half way through The Once and Future Witches. Don’t ask how I got The Camelot Betrayal, I don’t even remember requesting it. And I’m debating on DNFing The Once and Future Witches, I put it down last year and haven’t even thought about picking it back up because it’s just so long.

Hopefully I will come back with updates soon.

See you next time!

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