[Review] Skip and Loafer by Misaki Takamatsu


slice of life | romance

Excellent student Iwakura Mitsumi has always dreamt about leaving her small town, going to a prestigious university, and making positive change in the world. But she’s so focused on reaching her goals that she’s not prepared for the very different (and overwhelming) city life that awaits her in a Tokyo high school. Luckily, she makes fast friends with Shima Sousuke, a handsome classmate who’s as laid-back as she is over-prepared. Can this naive country girl make it big in Tokyo with Sousuke by her side?

I must thank the Tiktok community for putting this manga on my page for literal months until my brain finally decided to read new mangas. Tiktok is full of anime and manga recommendations that sometimes it’s hard to decide on where to even begin.

In Skip and Loafer, we follow Mitsumi-chan, a girl from rural Japan whose dream is to become a politician to help her small town with its depopulation issue. She is new in Tokyo and we will see her deal with a lot of things for the first time!

Starting with commuting on the first day of school and getting lost, meeting her first friend and someone that will help her through her journey in the big city. Mitsumi-chan will also encounter difficulties in the social scene! She used to go to a school with a total of 26 students, where everyone was friends with each other, but it’s not as easy in Tokyo. She is a very determined and positive person, when she is confronted with a new problem she is always sure to pick herself up and do her best.

The story is mostly centered around Mitsumi, but we also get a great cast of characters. Her friend group is made of people from widely different cliques, and it’s fun to see their dynamic together. The way Mitsumi deals with the novelty of the city, the new friendships, and dealing with her schoolwork is sure to warm your heart on more than a couple of occasions. It is a lighthearted read with very little drama in the beginning, so if you are looking for comedy, found family, and a cute slow burn romance, I suggest you give this manga a try.

The thing about me, Shima-kun, is that… I may fall spectacularly from time to time, but I’m also just as spectacularly good at getting right back up.

The manga has yet to reach a real dramatic twist, but by volume three we are beginning to see what it might be about. It’s not centered around Mitsumi, but I can see her somehow getting involved in the evolution of the character that is involved in it. Still, I don’t think it will be too dramatic since the manga so far has been very soft.

There is implied divorce, which I expect to be dwelvled into the future to further a character’s development, also implied past fatphobia towards a female character. There is also a female-presenting, biologically male character, which I am still unsure if it is supposed to be trans or drag. The manga has yet to go deeper into this topic, but it is a very likable character, not the punch line for any joke. I’m sure we will see more about her in the future, and hopefully learn more about her.

There are currently four volumes out for this manga, and I’m excited to start collecting the physical volumes!

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