Quaterly TBR [Oct-Nov-Dec]

Hallo everyone!

Recently I feel like I have been picking myself up from the reading slump little by little and have picked up some books these last few months. However, it’s hard to know how long it will last and if I’ll even be able to finish the books I’m currently reading. Some of them already feel like too much, while others I still have a good feeling about.

I still wanted to do a TBR because whenever I finished a book it’s so hard to pick another one, so I think that having a set list will help me with that. I also have a TBR jar to help me choose a book, that way I can pick them somewhat randomly. Might still return some to the jar if I don’t feel in the mood for them yet haha.

Because I don’t want to commit to a monthly list when I can barely finish two books at month, I decided to do a quaterly TBR since there is only three months left to this year. Can’t believe we are almost done, right?

These will be books that I want to read before the end of the year and it is a combination of current reads, books I actually want to read at the moment, and books take from my TBR jar. I don’t count mangas here because those depend too much on my mood but I will most likely read a couple of them.

Current Read

Want to Read


Wish me luck! I’m not going to force myself to read, but hope to finally get out of the reading slump so I can enjoy reading like before.

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