Mangas I’m currently reading!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been in a manga mood lately, and thanks to Tiktok my to-read list is full of recommendations to try. I love shoujo manga, mostly set in high schools because I like to live through these kinds of stories. Most of them feature cute romances, and also wholesome friendships. I’m also watching anime again and I might make a post of the anime I will be watching from the current season.

I also enjoy some more action-packed mangas every now and then. Mostly after I’ve seen the anime and it has already caught my attention. Like My Hero Academia at some point.

So I just want to share with you some of the mangas I’m currently enjoying at the moment, hoping that some of you also read mangas and maybe tell me if you have read any of them! Some are old series that finished a while ago, others have been running for a good couple of years and even have an anime, others are ongoing series that have yet to end.

Disclaimer:This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click the links below to make a purchase I might earn a small commission, at not extra cost to you!

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

This one is probably my favorite manga at the moment. It is finished in Japan but I haven’t been able to find the translation for the last volume. This romantic comedy has given my life reason ever since I found it. It also has an anime adaption with one of the catchiest openings I’ve heard in my life.

We follow Narumi and Hirotaka, two childhood friends that meet again when Narumi starts working on the same company as Hirotaka. Narumi is determined to hide that she is an otaku but Hirotaka with Hirotaka there is a little bit hard. They enter a relationship that starts more as convenient but their development is subtle and so, so darn cute. Most of the chapters are not related to the others, but you can see them getting closer with each one. There are two other relationships through the story and they are are cute and entertaining as the main couple.

The only downside is that there are a lot of anime and videogames references, and if you don’t know much about it some of the jokes could fly over your head. If you read it online at least you get the translator’s note expaining some of the references. Still, definitely recommend!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

This is one I started reading… years ago. I made the mistake of forgetting which chapter I was on and was unable to pick it up again until recently because I was able to check my MAL account.

This has more action, as it deals with mafia groups in Japan. But not a typical mafia, there’s special abilities involved here. Our main character is called Tsunayoshi, let’s go with Tsuna, who is a, quite frankly, loser. One day, though, he is informed that he is the next in sucession to become the mafia Boss for the Vongola family. His uncle has sent a tutor to help him become a good Boss and start working on his own mob.

Not gonna lie, this is a long one pals. With 401 chapters in 42 individual volumes, you have quite a bit to catch up if you start and get hooked. The first hundred chapters are sort of slow, mostly because this is where we will meet what would become Tsuna’s trusted men. And while it took a while, I wouldn’t skip it if I were you. We have a big ensemble of characters and they are all interesting in their own way.

Sasaki and Miyano

Another current favorite! This is a BL manga that has been greenlit for an anime adaption. If I hadn’t seen that announcement I probably would have taken forever to find this amazing story. So hard to find wholesome BL manga recommendations on Tiktok.

Miyano is boy that is often teased because of his feminie features, he is small and has a rather feminine looking face. He is also a fudanshi, and loves to read BL. He meets Sasaki when the lather goes to stop a fight between Miyano’s friend and a group of boy and he thinks Sasaki is cool. After this, Sasaki and Miyano become friends and start hanging out more and more, getting to know each other. One day Sasaki confesses to Miyano, and he says he will think about it. And he does! For a boy that started thinking “I don’t want to have BL related things involved with me” he sure goes a long way to make sure to give a proper answer to Sasaki.

Their relationship is so wholesome. There are bouts of jealousy from Sasaki, but the manga focuses more on their emotional relationship and evolution of their friendship, it has just recently ventured on what the physical could look like.


Also knows as Black Butler, this is another old manga but it is still ongoing! I have picked and stop this one several times because it is a monthly publication and I prefer to let the chapters accumulate before picking it up again. This story has been going for a while, but from what I last read about a year ago the story is getting even more interesting.

Ciel Phantomhive is the sole remaining member of the Phantomhive family, owner of the biggest toy company in victorian London. He also solves dark mysteries for the Queen. Oh and did I mentioned that he is twelve years old? But he is not alone, he has him demon butler to help him with all kind of things. From getting prepared for a business meeting to killing a circus troupe, Sebastian Michaels is bound to him.

And let me tell you this manga has some good story arcs, even a Titanic referenced arc with zombies that might be one of my favorites so far. With a long list of characters, all of them sure to leave an impression on you and have you want to see more of them. The stories keep getting darker and darker, and the more we learn about the Phantomhive family and Ciel’s past, the deeper we get into a spider’s web sure to keep us hooked.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Also called Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun is an ongoing manga with an amazing anime adaption. This manga (and the anime) has had me cracking my ribs in laughter in more than a couple of ocassions and I love it.

Chiyo is a small girl that has had a crush on her classmate Nozaki for a while and has decided to confess! Except, Nozaki confuses her for a fan of the manga he is publishing and that is quite popular. And so begins Chiyo’s school life and part-time assistant to Nozaki while also trying to get closer to him.

That sounded different in my head, but this manga certainly gives me Wotakoi vibes too. Except there is less romance here. Nozaki is quite dense when it comes to romance, even though he is writing a romance manga! There are chapters here and there where it focuses on Nozaki and Chiyo’s relationship, but it’s mostly on Chiyo’s part. However, the situations and people we meet her are incredibly likable and funny.

Honorable mention to Skip and Loafer and SPY × FAMILY, two mangas I’m also currently reading but recently posted a review so I decided to skip on this post. Go take a look if you haven’t read it yet!

If you are reading any mangas or are interested in reading any, I would love to know which one it is! I keep seeing a lot of recommendations on my Tiktok and Twitter page and would love to see more.

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