2022 Reading Goals!

Happy New Year everyone!

I can’t believe 2022 is here and there’s a whole new year ahead of us, can’t wait to see what it brings us. Hope you all are having a great first week and you can stick to your goals for the year. As for me, I hope my reading slump gets better. It feels as if it keeps coming and going, still stubborn, but so am I and I’m not giving up!

That’s why I’m excited to lay in stone my reading goals for the year. In 2021 I decided to take it slow and moved from reading 50 books in 2020 to setting my 2021 on 15 books. The second half of 2020 was BAD, ok? But lo and behold, I ended up reading over 50 books last year, including mangas, which made me very happy. And while there were downtimes during the year, my reading has been mostly consistent for most of it.

And so… my reading goal for 2022 is to read 50 books!

This, of course, is a general reading goal for the year. There are some specific things that I want to tackle through the year; for example:

Review the ARCs I have yet to read

The list is long pals and I am mortified at how long it has taken me to read them. Some of these are from 2020, can you believe that! I’m ashamed just by thinking of posting a review for them. But we will get this done. The second half of 2021 was good because I was able to read a lot of pending ARCs and it helped my list, but they are just… so much. This is actually a priority for me, so even though I’m mostly a mood reader and TBRs are hard for me, I will do my best to stick to them!

Complete the book series that lay incomplete on my reading list and shelf

There are so many series I have started but have not finished, I can think of 3 off the top of my head that could be easily completed if only I just picked. up. the. book. But alas, here I am reprimanding myself because of it. This will be for the series that I currently have on my physical shelf or Kindle. There are some of them that I’m still missing the final book, and others that I have the second and even third book but I have not read them.


I know, I know. We all say we will put a book buying ban AT LEAST once a year and then we end up buying like we are rich. At least, that happens to me almost once a year. In this case, I am putting myself on a book buying ban for backorder books. So I can keep my preorders for this year, and even preorder more books for the future, but I can’t buy any books from my wishlist or others that are released through the year that was not on my preorders. This is so that my reading pile doesn’t increase, because I don’t even have space for more books until I am able to afford a bookshelf and they are expensive as hell in my country. Also because I want it to go DOWN, I have a lot of books to read.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like these goals are set this year to be a little more strict with my reading. And that’s what I’m going for. Besides wanting to go through my existing pile, I also want to get into real savings so I can afford a trip to New York either by the end of this year, or the next one. And with car expenses, shopping impulses, and just… gacha games, it is going to be hard! So I’ll be limiting myself everywhere I can.

What about you? Let me know some of your reading goals for 2022 in the comments, or just any goal you have!

One thought on “2022 Reading Goals!

  1. I’m still working on my 2022 goals, but I know that catching up on my remaining NetGalley ARCs is definitely going to be one of them. I also considered going on a book buying ban, but in the end I decided that I just want to be more mindful about the books I buy, so I might just set myself a limit on how many books I can purchase each month instead!

    Good luck on all your 2022 goals! I hope you achieve them all!

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