About Me

Hallo, everyone! I am ecstatic for having a blog about something that I consider an actual hobby of mine and for which I feel compelled to share my opinion and read about others.

For all of you my name is Nicole, but I would rather be called Nini or Nikkie, whichever you like best. Age? I will say 27 and I can’t believe I am considered an adult… I just don’t feel like one yet. I am located in Honduras and in case you don’t know where that is (totally normal, most people ask me this question) it is right in the center of the American continent. Also, no, English is not my mother language so bear with me because that is my preferred language to work with on the Internet. Feel free to ever correct me if you don’t understand whatever I think I’m saying!

This blog is mostly to motivate myself into reading more, I’ve hit multiple reading slumps since I read my first book and thought hey, I actually love this and would LOVE to fill myself with the joy of reading again. My favorite genres are fantasy and contemporary, I love Adult fiction but I read mostly YA. LGTBQ+ is a great weakness of mine, so you will probably find several titles with some queer rep!

With the above already out into the world, thanks for coming and hope you enjoy your stay!