Mangas I’m currently reading!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been in a manga mood lately, and thanks to Tiktok my to-read list is full of recommendations to try. I love shoujo manga, mostly set in high schools because I like to live through these kinds of stories. Most of them feature cute romances, and also wholesome friendships. I’m also watching anime again and I might make a post of the anime I will be watching from the current season.

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Anticipated Books for the Rest of 2020

This year has been a very active one for my Amazon account because I keep buying books, I don’t remember the last time I bought this many books in a single year. But I couldn’t stop myself from doing this list to share a couple of books that I’m anticipating for the second half of 2020. The last six months have felt like they both flew by and lasted a damn century.

This is a little sneak peak to some of the books I have preordered. Other I might wait until the paperback edition is released because contrary to what my mother believes I do have autocontrol whe buying online.

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Kindle Deals You Might Be Missing Out! [06/24]

So this might become a series on my blog? If a series is the right word for it.

I spend so much time going through the Kindle store buying new books that I might as well share the ones some of the deals I find with you! Today I bring less than last time, but still some of these titles really caught my attention and I even got some of them. Again, these are all deals $2.99 and below!

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