[Review & Book Tour] The Forest Of Fallen Stars by Elfie Riverdell


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Summary: The Forest of Fallen Stars is a story of friendship and magic. We follow Alura, a shy but stubborn sixteen year old, as she tries to navigate a dramatically changing world. Following her village’s tradition, Alura is forced to participate in a ritual that doesn’t turn our quite as she had planned. Finding herself on the run, Alura is rescued by two mysterious girls, who request her help in protecting their village from Eslanda; a young woman seeking revenge for her abandonment. Alura, along with her new friends Kara and Loria, must fight against magic, enemies and nature itself to restore peace to their homes. But are they aware of the sacrifices they must make?

Trigger Warning: Mild violence

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The Prediction Tag

I feel like it’s been a long time since I made a post. This post it’s brought to you by my dear phone and the WordPress app, since I lent my laptop to my cousin so she could work from home during quarentine/curfew.

The Prediction Book Tag was created by the Princesses at the Book Princess Reviews blog. I have to thank Book and Shadows for tagging me. Go check her blog for some witchy and bookish posts!

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